4 Seasons

I am so excited to share my new 4-week program with you; Classical Pilates Foundations. This program embodies the building blocks of Pilates while applying the governing principles to your practice. The Principles of Pilates are: Concentration, Control, Center, Precision, Flow, and Breath. My background in Classical Pilates has shaped me to preach and believe in the integrity of the work. No other method makes me feel more in my body than Classical Pilates, and that is what I am hoping to share with you all!

I designed each workout to lengthen and strengthen your muscles, while also working on mobility, core control, and posture. Always remember that the most import muscle is your brain, which means the the Mind + Body Connection is essential. Strengthen your mind+sculpt your body in 30 minutes a day.


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  • Pilates Foundations - Core 101

    Episode 1

    Welcome to my Classical Pilates mat foundations. My background is in classical Pilates, so the integrity of this work is important to me. Today we will be focusing on initiating from your powerhouse throughout the entire program. I will be walking you through some of my favorite moves to activate...

  • Pilates Foundations - Classical Mat

    Episode 2

    Ok this is where it all begins, the classical mat sequence. This is all about form, control, and precision which we achieve by activating the Mind+Body connection. I will offer modifications so please take the version you need today (that can change day to day). You will master these movements th...

  • Pilates Foundations - Lower Body

    Episode 3

    Welcome to Pilates Lower Body, my favorite body part! This is a full body workout, we never leave body parts at home ;) However, we will intentionally target the hips, glutes, and thighs. I am using 1lb. ankle weights and a resistance band for added burn but note you do not need any equipment to ...

  • Pilates Foundations - Upper Body

    Episode 4

    Pilates Upper Body. As always, movement comes from your powerhouse. Light weights recommended.

  • Pilates Foundations - Active Stretch

    Episode 5

    Active stretch and recovery suggested daily throughout this program.