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Pilates Foundations - Classical Mat (Intermediate)


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  • Pilates Foundations - Lower Body

    Welcome to Pilates Lower Body, my favorite body part! This is a full body workout, we never leave body parts at home ;) However, we will intentionally target the hips, glutes, and thighs. I am using 1lb. ankle weights and a resistance band for added burn but note you do not need any equipment to ...

  • Pilates Foundations - Reformer on the...

    Classical reformer on the mat. We will mimic the alignment and resistance that would get on the reformer by activating the Mind+Body connection to create that resistance from within. Focus on activating that powerhouse, the initial point of all movement. We will work slow and controlled as you wo...

  • Pilates Foundations - Classical Mat

    Ok this is where it all begins, the classical mat sequence. This is all about form, control, and precision which we achieve by activating the Mind+Body connection. I will offer modifications so please take the version you need today (that can change day to day). You will master these movements th...

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